New Secure WaaS for Microsoft Azure launched by Awingu and Barracuda

Many organizations are making the change to cloud workspaces, which offer anyplace, whenever access to applications from any gadget (expecting, obviously, you approach rights and a system association). With that expansive access comes a great deal of worry over security. At the point when organizations make this change, the information that is put away and got to from the cloud is ordinarily basic information. Contingent upon where representatives are signing in from, WaaS (workspace as an administration) could open the business up for a calamitous information break. To be sure, worry over security is one of the fundamental reasons organizations are as yet hesitant to move to the cloud.

Because of those open doors and concerns, Awingu and Barracuda Networks Inc. are collaborating to mix Barracuda’s security and zero-touch setup advancements with Awingu’s program based workspace arrangement, encouraging the organization of Awingu in half and half cloud situations, the twosome says. The protected WaaS offering keeps running on Microsoft Azure.

The Unified Workspace from Awingu is totally program based. There is nothing to introduce or keep up on the host machine. Indeed, even heritage applications that are RDS based can be made accessible in html5. Through the workspace, end-clients approach inheritance applications, SaaS, and documents inside a solitary login and online condition. The administration can likewise be completely marked and has open API’s so it can be bundled and exchanged from MSPs hoping to increase the cloud administrations they give.

Awingu and Barracuda: The Offering

Barracuda’s NextGen Firewall F-Series offers secure VPN and VNET associations. The organization guarantees that Barracuda NextGen Firewalls are reason worked for securing cloud-associated systems and multi-level models inside Microsoft Azure. Through the interface, administrators can see and control the activity amongst outside and inside which incorporates URL separating, antivirus, and Advanced Threat Protection filtering.

Together the organizations can offer:

  • Applications facilitated on Azure or on-premises, while safely associated with Awingu’s program based workspace
  • Barracuda’s NGF secures Azure organizations
  • Awingu furnishes an Azure-based workspace arrangement with access to inheritance programming, SaaS, and reports
  • Barracuda firewalls streamline organize access, observing, and administration
  • Awingu gives a stage freethinker and secure access to applications and documents without the need to deal with the end-point

WaaS for MSPs: Reaching a Tipping Point?

WaaS and work area as an administration (DaaS) surely have discovered specialty accomplishment in particular application areas — for example, producing representatives who pivot moves and offer thin work areas to get to WaaS applications. In any case, it’s just as of late that WaaS has begun to demonstrate some genuine force with MSPs. Organizations like CloudJumper and iTopia (among others) have been especially dynamic with MSPs in the WaaS part.


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